Hey there, I'm Jan.
Webdesigner & Webdeveloper

Let's create something awesome for your digital appearance.

Hi, I'm Jan.
Nice to meet you.

I'm 21 years old, based in wonderful Karlsruhe, Germany.
My passion is building modern and outstanding digital appearances, no matter if websites, landingpages or mobile web apps.
As a hybrid of designer and developer I can combine both parts to work out something special with you.

That's me!


I like to ...

... create modern, fresh and minimalistic design that does not look like every other and fulfills its purpose.

I use ...

  • ... Figma
  • ... Adobe XD
  • ... Pen & Paper


I like to ...

... build my designs in the web and write clean and reasoned code that works on a modern standard.

I use ...

  • ... HTML, CSS and JS
  • ... ReactJS
  • ... WordPress / CMS



Progressive Web App
UI & Development

Jan Kohlbach

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UI & Development


Let's create something great together.

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