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You can't breathe when you're smiling ...

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Hey there, I'm Jan 🤙🏼

Let's create smth special for your digital appearance.

Hey, that's me


Hi, I'm Jan.
Nice to meet you :)

I'm 23 years old and currently based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
My passion is to create amazing stuff for the web, but I'm actually interested in so much more. Most of the stuff you see from me is also designed by myself.
Since february '21 I'm happy to work as a developer with the Dorfjungs.
I will not list any technologies or skills here, my superpower is solving problems and if you want to have something nice, we're gonna make it together - no matter with what.

pretty cool, just missing a beach here 🏖️🏝️design, music, fitness, self-development, ...so be proud of me 😬hit us up, we're doing super cool stuff 😉they don't tell you how good I am anyway 🙄if possible, let's use sth better than WordPress though 😤


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