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Adrian Wilhelm - Portfolio

Teaming up with a fantastic designer and art director, I had the chance to bring this portfolio to life—minimalistic yet bursting with personality. It's a fusion of clean vibes and a dash of personal flair in every pixel.

Motion takes center stage, sprinkling a bit of magic into the visual journey. And those cool shader effects on the images? It's our way of saying, 'We're not just cool; we're innovatively cool.'

This portfolio goes beyond showcasing work; it's about sharing a piece of the creativity that fueled it. Take a stroll through our virtual canvas, where each piece has its own story, and every motion has a purpose. So, buckle up for a ride through the world of design and skills of Adrian.

The seamless motion and high-quality feel were achieved through a tight collaboration with the designer. Our brainstorming sessions sparked ideas that shaped the unique character of this portfolio. I'm thrilled with the result and how it captures the essence of Adrian's work and personality.


Design: Adrian Wilhelm
Development: me


A personalized portfolio for a Designer to highlight talent and skills.

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